Reseller+ Package

50.00 per month / 500.00 per year

Our Reseller+ Package expands on the offerings of the standard Reseller Package by offering you a much larger resource limit.

Allowing up to 250 individual sites to be hosted, between them sharing 10,000 MB of disk space and 150,000 MB of data transfer, even the largest of hosts are catered for.

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Main Account Features

Hosted Domains

The amount individual sites you can host on a single account.

Diskspace (MB) Per Account

The total disk space storage, listed in megabytes, for all HTML and related web site files, emails, databases, log files, and stats. Site owners requiring more space can simply add-on storage as needed.
10,000 MB

Monthly Data Transfer Allowance

Transfer Allowance is the total amount of of data sent to and from your hosting service in any given month (often referred to as 'network transfer').
150,000 MB


Sub Domains are popular for hosting unique content at a URL similar to "".

Domain Aliases

Domain Aliases can be used as exact replication of any domain. For example you could host both and, and each will have the same email accounts, website and all the other settings of the master domain.
Reseller Features

Unbranded Services

All our services are completely unbranded - no one will ever know you are a reseller of iNETFX.
Included with this plan

Custom Nameservers

You can setup your own custom nameservers to mask over our (unbranded) ones - such as and - there is NO CHARGE for this service.
Included with this plan

Automatic Account Creation

Completely automate your whole hosting operation using the HELM control panel and its (fully brandable) online account creation system.
Included with this plan

Inbuilt Billing System

Using HELM's billing system integrated directly into your choice of payment provider, you never have to worry about sending a manual invoice ever again.
Included with this plan
Website Features

ASP / PHP / Perl Support

The 3 most popular website scripting languages, allowing you to create dynamic websites.
Included with this plan

ASP.NET Scripting Support

Microsoft ASP.NET is the sucessor to Microsoft ASP and is the next generation in web development languages. ASP.NET combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability, and deployment. Both version 1 and version 2 supported.
Included with this plan

Custom Error Pages

You can use the Custom Error Page editor in your hosting control panel to display friendly error messages to your website visitors when a scripting error occurs, or a file can not be found.
Included with this plan

MIME Type Editor

The MIME Type editor included in your hosting control panel can be used to edit your website MIME Types. MIME Types are Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, they tell the visitors web browser the type of files that your website serves.
Included with this plan

DNS Zone Manager

Your control panel gives you direct access to your sites DNS records. Useful if you wish to point sub-domains to different IP addresses, or wish to work with an email server such as
Included with this plan

Virtual Directories

Allows you to create virtual directory mappings within your site. Can be used as an easy way to mirror a folder (such as providing an old link if you rename the original)
Included with this plan

Pre-DNS Access

Access your website instantly using a temporary URL - without needing to wait for DNS propagation, or before you have even registered the domain!
Included with this plan
Database Features

mySQL Databases

MySQL is the most popular open-source database in use on the web today. It offers simple maintenance, rich data types, robust operation and extremely fast query capabilities. Additionally, it is integrated very tightly with scripting language such as PHP, simplifying the process of creating dynamic web sites.

phpMyAdmin Access

Access and edit your mySQL databases from any internet connection in the world using the very powerful phpMyAdmin web front-end.
Included with this plan

SQL Server Databases

Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive, integrated end-to-end data solution that empowers users across your organization by providing them with a secure, reliable, and productive platform for enterprise data and business intelligence (BI) applications.

SQL Enterprise Manager Access

An online version of the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager, allowing you to work on your database via a web front end from any internet connected computer.
Included with this plan


ODBC DSNs allow simple connectivity to Microsoft Access, SQL Server, mySQL and file based data stores.
Statistics Features

AW Stats Preinstalled

AWStats provides a detailed analysis of your website. Covering everything from traffic, users down to countries browsing your pages!
Included with this plan


SmarterStats offers advanced reporting tools, graphs and geo-targetting to make the most of yoru website log data.
Email Features

Email Accounts

Our versatile email system permits a site owner to create numerous email addresses.

IMAP Enabled

IMAP gives you the ability to keep all your mail on the server instead of downloading to a local machine. You thereby have instant access anywhere in the world to your complete inbox using either an IMAP client, or our webmail system.
Included with this plan

Mail Forwarders

Using forwarders a site owner can choose to quickly forward email to other addresses on a permanent or temporary basis. Such as "" can be forwarded to "".

Auto Responders

Email responders are useful for email users who are away from email (on vacation for instance) who would like an automated response sent back whenever email is sent to them. Responders are also great for businesses who publicly list role-based or generic email addresses such as "".
Included with this plan

Multi Recipient Addresses

Multiple Recipient Addresses are just like email forwarders however, Multiple Recipient Addresses as the name suggests are used to forward to more than one email address at a time. This feature can be used as a simple method of emailing a group of people or can be easily be used as a mailing list as recipients can be altered at any time via the control panel.

Anti-Spam Protection

Protect your mailboxes from unwanted junk, or "spam" mail by taking advantage of our powerful spam filters which are manually updated daily to make sure even the latest spam techniques are always stopped in their tracks.
Included with this plan

Anti-Virus Protection

Protect your home computer from receiving any malicious emails by taking advantage of our powerful email scanning system. Virii are automatically removed and will never reach your inbox!
Included with this plan

SMTP Server Access

Every email service has its own secure outbound email server which ultimately simplifies the aspect of sending outbound email from a site owner's domain. Your SMTP server will also be password protected so that spamers can not use your domain as a "free relay service" which causes serious problems. The SMTP gateway is constantly synced with your POP3 email accounts so multiple passwords do not have to be remembered.
Included with this plan

Web Browser Mail Access

Every email user has access to a our web based email system that permits sending and receiving email directly over the web. This feature is great for email users who are traveling or are in remote locations.
Included with this plan
FTP Features

FTP Accounts

To upload files to your webhosting space, you require an FTP account. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and as the name suggests is used to transfer files. To transfer files you will an FTP client, which are available for download from the internet.

Online File Manager

Gain access to your coding without requiring an FTP client. Your control panel allows you to edit files and pages directly without the need to FTP up / down.
Included with this plan
Security Features

Dedicated SSL Support

Add and setup your own Dedicated SSL certificate to be used with your website, giving the more professional looking - style address.
Included with this plan

Shared SSL

Shared SSL allows you to make use of the global machine SSL Certificate. This will allow you to securely access your site's content at a URL such as

Secure Directories

Your hosting control panel (Helm) includes an easy to use web interface that allows you to password protect directories on your site. For a given directory, you can allow access to as many or as few people as you like.
Included with this plan

Daily Backup

Every morning at approximately 5am, all the files associated with every website are backed up (including emails and databases). In the event of a server failure, data can be quickly restored.
Included with this plan

Backup DNS

In the event of the main DNS server being down, a mirrored backup will take over, thus ensuring your site will always be able to be found and important mail will never get lost.
Included with this plan
Optional Extras

Additional SQL Server Database

7.50 / month

Dedicated SSL Certificate Address

2.50 / month

250 Domains Hosted
10,000 MB Diskspace
150,000 MB Data Transfer
1000 Pop3/IMAP Accounts
500 FTP Accounts
150 mySQL Databases
5 SQL Server Databases
10 SmartStats Installations
Reseller%2B (50 per month)

Windows 2003 Server
HELM Control Panel
ASP .NET (v1 / v2)
SQL Server 2005
page last updated 16 March 2008