Reseller Frequently Asked Questions

Who is reselling suited for?

Anyone who has the need to host multiple websites, be this a professional hosting company, or simply a user who has more than one website and would like the convenience of combining all their accounts into one.

Reseller accounts are also ideal for companies that offer any "web based" services as they can then provide their customers with a complete solution. A good example of this would be an internet cafe - the customers are already there, they just need to be "grabbed".

How does it work?

As a reseller, you purchase and are allocated a set amount of server resources. You are then free to do as you wish with these, spliting and allocating them as you like without further input from us. If you need to add a site at 4am in the morning, NO PROBLEM - if you are running out of diskspace and need it urgently at 5am, NO PROBLEM - everything is handled automatically by the HELM control panel.

The setting up of your reseller account itself is incredibly simple and can be covered in the following three steps:

  • Choose which reseller package you would like based on your requirements.
  • Create and setup the packages YOU would like to offer.
  • Customise the branding of the control panel to fit your company.
And that's it - no need to setup any server software, no complicated scripts to install - everything is handled for you by the HELM control panel - all you have to do is just find the customers.

I don't want to sell hosting, is a reseller account any use to me?

Yes! Reseller accounts are not only used by hosting companies - individual users can also enjoy the many benefits that they offer. You might for example run a number of websites and want to consolidate them all into one account - or simply like the idea of being able to create new sites "at will" and not have to keep paying extra money to host them each time.

I have never managed a server before, will I be ok?

100% definately - as a reseller you do not need to ever worry (or even see) the backend server processing, everything you need to do can be controlled by the HELM control panel. We deal with all the technical issues such as software upgrades and other server issues.

You can download "Reseller Guide" from our support centre, but of course, if you are still not sure of something - you can always contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

page last updated 09 January 2006